Insurance Claim Enquiries in Malaysia

Integrity Malaysia provides claim enquiries to insurance companies to collect all related facts and necessary evidence to accept or reject the claim. The claims are related to life insurance, health and general insurance policies.

Our enquirers conduct the following activities:

  • Interviews with neighbourhood representatives and neighbours;
  • Interviews with employers;
  • Directory searches (phone directories, online directories, database);
  • Focused media checks (Internet and newspapers, obituaries, etc.);
  • Verifications with relevant national or regional institutions or organizations such as health departments, police units, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, doctors, undertakers, funeral homes and crematoria;
  • Interviews with patients, family or friends of patients;
  • Search for witnesses;
  • Request for information, medical records;
  • Taking statements (handwritten, signed statements, tape recorded);
  • Collection of photographic evidence;
  • Surveillance & activity checks.

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