Early warning services

Integrity Malaysia provides its client with early warning services to detect potential threats to the business, its people, its assets, its information. Our consultants design programmes to provide early warnings on risk-related subjects such as regulatory evolution, competition activity, presence of tampered or counterfeit products on the market, third party threats.

Regulatory Watch

Our consultants provide timely updates on regulatory changes in Malaysia. These updates are provided with an analysis on risks and opportunities for the business. This service is tailored to our client’s requirements.

Competitive Watch

Integrity Malaysia provides timely updates and analysis on competition’s corporate and operational activity based on publicly and legally available information.

Business Environment Watch

Based on our client’s requirements, our consultants provide periodic briefs on the business environment, updates on the overall fraud activity and trends, the security and safety environment and an analysis on the potential impact on business.

Intellectual Property Watch

Integrity Malaysia provides early warnings on intellectual property infringements such as application for similar trademarks, infringing online use of trademark, presence of counterfeit, tampered, contraband or parallel imported products on the markets. Integrity Malaysia investigators conduct monitoring and collect evidence using proper chain of custody methodologies for evidential purposes. The products can be purchased for further laboratory testing. Market inspections are also conducted to identify fake stores, infringing signage or infringing trademark use.

Third-Party Threats

Based on our client’s circumstances and environment, Integrity Malaysia designs a strategy to collect information on potential third-party threats and provides advisory services to mitigate the risks.