Integrity Malaysia supports our clients in achieving procedural compliance through methodologies like mystery shopping, while also strengthening their capabilities in the effective detection and deterrence of fraud using our proprietary Canary application’s whistleblowing hotline. 

Moreover, we offer a market survey and inspection service to safeguard their brand, incorporating comprehensive market monitoring through both physical and online surveys and inspections.

Whistleblowing System

Mystery Shopping

Market Survey & Inspections


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Navigating data protection: The impact of Thailand’s PDPA update on individuals and businesses

In an era defined by advancing technology and interconnectedness, safeguarding personal information has become paramount. The enactment of the Personal Data Protection Act 2019 (PDPA) in Thailand on June 1st, 2022, marks a significant stride towards enhancing data security and upholding the rights of individuals

Implications for individuals and businesses

The PDPA... Read More